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Leading Funders, Investors and Market Experts will address a large audience on 3rd July to talk about what funding is currently available and where....

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Many of the leading players in Resi Development Sector booked to attend Funding Conference on 3rd July...

Resi Funding 2018

Superb panel taking shape at the Annual Resi Development Funding Conference on 3rd July. Likely to be a very popular event once again #LDE Property


The conference takes place in 2019 at The Cavendish Conference Centre in London W1.

The crucial Annual Conference for those looking for, or offering, Funding & Investment in the UK Residential Development Property Market, returns on 3rd July in London.

The Event will look at maximising Investment & Funding opportunities in both Build to Rent & Traditional For Sale Development. With lots of international and institutional money coming in the sector, as both funders and investors, hear about some new innovations and opportunities, understand how developers and investors can structure deals, look at joint ventures, and learn about the future of the Resi Investment & Debt Funding Market across the UK.

There will also be a detailed UK Resi Market update, analysis of supply and demand and pricing and rents, plus a look at the fundamental economics & Brexit and where Resi fits as a Property asset class.

This event sold out last year, and is proving very popular once again this year. It is a chance to be fully updated with the Resi funding and investment market, cross of some CPD, and network with the leading developers, investors and funders in the sector, and their associated advisors.

This event is likely to sell out again so please book early to guarantee your place.

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Conference Timetable

Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction
Rob Finch, Director, Sativa Finance

Understanding the Global Economic & Political Markets & what they mean from Property Investment in a Global Context

What is the effect of Brexit on European Property Investment & the effect of Trump on US and Global Capital Flows?
How is the Brexit Process effecting Global Investment into UK Property Markets?
How much Capital is currently coming into UK Markets and how does this compare to previous years?
What investment is coming into UK Residential specifically and how is this growing?

Sabina Kalyan, Head of Global Research & Global Chief Economist, CBRE Global Investors


What is happening in the UK Residential Development Market and how is it performing?
Where is the balance between Build for Sale & Build to Rent?
Looking at London, the Big Cities & the Regions – which parts of the Country are seeing the strongest opportunities?
What is happening with pricing and demand in the UK Resi Market?
Where are the key locations for a Build to Rent scheme and where does Build for Sale still rule?
Who are the key players in the current Resi Development for Sale and Build to Rent Markets?

Gráinne Gilmore, Partner, Head of UK Residential Research, Knight Frank

How do Institutions decide how much of their funds to put into Real Estate?
How is this allocated between the different property sectors and how is this changing?
What is the institutional perspective on the UK Residential Property Market & how is this likely to evolve?

Where does the UK fit for international institutional investors in comparison to other European Countries?
Andrea Byrne Goss, Senior Vice President, Eastdil Secured


Where is current funding for Resi Development coming from?

Understanding the current roles of banks, funds, equity, and investors both domestically and internationally

Which specific lenders are currently lending in the current Resi Development Market?

What are their terms and what projects are they looking for?

What is the comparison of money coming in to fund traditional development v build to rent and how is this evolving?
What is the balance between ‘Funder’ and ‘Investor’?
Michael Sharpe-Neal, Director – Head of Residential Valuation, Savills

Questions for Sabina, Gráinne, Andrea & Michael


What is currently being delivered in the Private Rented Sector, what is the scale and what is in the pipeline? Are we now reaching real scale and what are the projected future numbers?

Who has delivered, who is delivering and who are the leading players in the market?

Who is the PRS sector really targeting and how big is this market? Understanding the Demographics

What are the different products available, how will these evolve, and what are the exit routes for investors?

What are the remaining issues for investors and how are these now being addressed?
Who is really investing in PRS in the UK – What deals are being done and where are they coming from?
How can the scale of investment be increased and what are the realistic future levels?

Where does the micro living/collective living product fit in and does this market have enough scale for investors?
Simon Scott, Head of Residential Investment, JLL


Quintain & Lonestar – A Case Study on Securing funding & investment to deliver Build to Rent

What are the evolving structures and how is it done?

What are the parameters and limitations for funders?
Catherine Webster, Executive Director - Strategy & Investment, Quintain

What is the future for UK Build to Rent?

How might Public Sector Partnerships become key?

Will Build to Rent fit a more affordable model and how can investors pursue this opportunity?

Richard Stonehouse, Senior Director - Head of Residential Investment, GVA



Questions for Simon, Catherine & Richard


Panel Session on UK Residential Investment
Understanding the Investor View on UK Residential Markets & How they are performing

What are expansion plans and goals of Investors in the UK and which products and locations are of particular interest?

What sort of exposure are Investors looking for when it comes to UK Resi?
Do Investors see growth in UK Residential continuing and what levels could it reach?

Are the main opportunities in City Centres or more suburban?

In the opinion of big scale investors, where does the UK market sit in comparison to other European Countries & Global Markets?

Mark Allnutt, Managing Director – Investments, Greystar Europe
Jonathan Ivory, Managing Director, Atlas Residential

AN Other TBC

Simon Scott, Head of Residential Investment, JLL (chair)

Lunch & Networking Session

Analysis of the Key Tax Issues in Residential Development - what do those in the market need to know?

Structuring a funding or investment deal – what to consider
How to work with Current Tax legislation – understanding, and best practice for dealing with, what is in place

How can developers & Investors build the best possible tax efficient structure for an investment in Residential Development?
Jonathan Legg, Partner - Real Estate Taxation, Mishcon de Reya

Public Money, Joint Ventures, & Working with the Public Sector – what do we need to know?
Looking across the UK – what public money is available, where, and for what?
The Government Co-Investment Fund - How should developers be looking to work with this? How scaleable is this?

The HCA Infrastructure Fund - What is available & how are they looking to get involved with when it comes to funding & investment?

How are these deals structured?

Sophie White, Head of Infrastructure & Complex Projects, HCA


Questions for Jonathan & Sophie

Why Traditional Debt Funding is still the best return on your money in Residential Development.
How has the debt market changed & where is it going?
What is happening to returns?
What kind of returns are there and how are deal structures changing?

What debt funding opportunities are there in the market current and what can a developer obtain?
Rob Finch, Director, Sativa Finance


The Annual Resi Development Lenders Panel Session – The lenders themselves brief us on what they are lending on, what their terms are, what they are looking for and offer case studies of projects they have been involved with, so we can see real life examples

What terms are the banks currently lending on and what do they see happening to lending on Residential Development?

What effect will Leaving the EU have on current and future funding deals?

How banks and other lenders can stay competitive in the current funding market

What are the long term visions and aspirations?

Getting lenders comfortable – funding for planning risk and office to resi schemes

How do banks feel about construction risk?

Looking at Case Studies from different lenders, with different kinds of finance and how deals are being structured
Where is the money coming from and what kind of structures are on offer?
Mark Bladon, Structured Property Finance, Investec
Orla Costello, Relationship Manager, United Trust Bank
Robert Orr, Chief Executive, Titlestone
Kiera Tse, Director – Capital Solution, Santander (TBC)
Rob Finch, Director, Sativa Finance (Chair)


Close & Networking Drinks for Speakers & Attendees


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